Miao! Cute Cat Murals Latest Edition to Melange Boutique Hotel

By Eris Choo

Melange Hotel Building - Front

Since Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic made murals famous around the island of Penang, other cities in Malaysia have followed suit. Murals have been popping up in places like Ipoh and Johor Bahru, attracting both local and foreign tourists.

Being the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has its own share of unique art pieces. Along the riverbank at Pasar Seni, there is a whole stretch of graffiti murals done by local artists, while patriotic-themed murals are dotted around the city for Petronas’ #tanahairku project.

For tourists and mural hunters, there’s a new addition for your travel photo collection: located at Melange Boutique Hotel along Jalan Rembia.

A stone’s throw away from the foodie haven of Jalan Alor, visitors to the place will have no problems spotting the colourful cat murals decorating the front of the hotel.

The cute felines appear in painted windows: there’s one that is smiling and stretching itself out, another one that is sleeping, while one is cheekily peeking into the ‘window’.

If you’re around the vicinity of the Golden Triangle area in KL, why not take a short walk over to the building and get a selfie in with these adorable cat murals? That’s definitely something to show in your photo album when you get back from your holiday!

Melange Boutique Hotel is located at 14, Jalan Rembia, Bukit Bintang, 50200, Kuala Lumpur.

A Unique Boutique & Designer Hotel

Strategically located in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, Mélange is a boutique hotel with a difference. A modern urban hotel distinguished by innovative design and attention to detail, Mélange is a stylish sanctuary within the city’s tourism, entertainment and business hub. Offering discerning travellers a unique way to experience contemporary design, Mélange was designed by fashion photographer turned creative director Daniel Goh and showcases a unique concept revolving around three themes – HANDSOME (TAMPAN), ELEGANT (AYU) and FUN (MANJA).

Right Smack in the Heart of Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

By Eris Choo

Elegant and cosy would be the perfect words to describe the recently-opened Melange Boutique Hotel, tucked strategically at the corner of Jalan Rembia, Kuala Lumpur.

For those in the dark about Jalan Rembia, it’s a street which is just a block behind the lively Jalan Alor.

The newly opened hotel sports more than 40 rooms, comprising Deluxe Single, Deluxe Twin, Deluxe Queen and Deluxe King options.

We were greeted by friendly front desk staff, who brought us around for a tour. The decorations were impressive, as each floor is done based on different themes – there’s one to suit every traveller’s taste.

Initially, we were a little confused as there were no room numbers on the doors, but upon further inspection, we found that the numbers were lighted up on the floor in front of each room.

For a touch of class and formality without compromising on comfort, the Tampan suites are on point with their wooden furnishing, dark furniture and spacious work tables. Perfect for the business traveller looking for a quiet environment to get that business proposal done.

Meanwhile, minimalist lovers will feel right at home with the Ayu series. Like a beautiful, pure maiden, the rooms have clean white designs and no-fuss, basic lines. We were pleasantly surprised at the corridor’s design, which was lined with gauze white curtains. It felt like walking down a wedding aisle.

The fun and playful Manja series featured colourful rooms and funky shapes, which will be a good choice for the young at heart and families with children. From calming blue to funky green and soft pink, pick a favourite coloured room to spend the night in.

A dragonfly on the wall is not welcome in most cases, but at Melange, the DRAGONFLIES are cute, insect-shaped wall lights from OLIGO hanging over the beds. Before drifting off to sleep, look up at the birds and bees painted on the ceiling.

All rooms are air-conditioned and come with FREE WIFI. There is also an adjustable hot and cold shower, and complimentary drinking water and instant coffee or tea for the mornings.