Hotel Melange brings the meaning of boutique hotel to an entirely different level, situated on the buzzling street of Jalan Rembia/Jalan Alor. Impressed with its tasteful concept (a different theme for every 2 levels, with a total of 3 distinguishable themes), use of space, good security (unlike other hotels, Melange employs a security guard to ensure privacy of hotel guests are not compromised at night) and most importantly, the chic breakfast concept that looks like the well thought-out breakfast set came straight right out from a parisian bistro.
Definitely a steal considering the charges for an overnight stay in the entertainment belt of Kuala Lumpur is barely half the price of neighbouring big label hotels that look old and tired. Whilst Melange is still ironing out some minor details to create the perfect experiences (as we can see from the warm receptions from the staff, eager to find out about the experience of my stay), I will recommend this hotel to the adventurous and family crowd who will love to be surrounded by awesome food and entertainment options. Looking forward to my future stay here in Melange again. Well done to the team at Hotel Melange!
Aaron Himbo Huang
Semua ada.. Serba lengkap. Iron dan iron board hari tu uzu request call kat operator. So akan dihantar ke bilik.. Air cond takde masalah. Sejuk.. Cuma 1 je. Hehehe. TV tak banyak siaran.. Tu je lah yang slack sikit.. Hehehe.. Harap2 pihak Melange Boutique Hotel perbanyakkan lagi pilihan siaran TV .. SO far yang lain alhamdulillah. Everything is ok!
Btw thanks to Melange Boutique Hotel kerana menanti kehadiran uzu. Thanks atas layanan yang baik atas uzu. Terima kasih atas kemudahan yang diberikan sepanjang uzu menginap kat situ (seharijepun) . InsyaAllah bila uzu rasa nak stay kat KL, uzu akan stay kat Melange Boutique Hotel! Terbaik! Korang kena try pergi. Nak suggest kengkawan korang yang datang KL pun ok. InsyaAllah mesti puas hati :)
Emas Putih